One’s Destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Why Wonder?

People often ask how someone who has spent so much time working with survivors of trauma would have a website filled with sunshine and flowers. How is this person who’s seen so much still so full of hope?

Look to the dandelion

I’ll tell you, hope and resilience.

Hope is an essential part of healing. Some of the most resilient people I have ever worked with credit hope for their ability to turn their lives around. Hope helps flowers grow in the cracks of the sidewalk. Hope & resilience keep dandelions sprouting every spring, even if the winter has been cold and dark.  

Personally, I know a thing or two about resilience and clinging to hope as a lifeline too.

Ok, so why you?

This part of my bio used to list all of the clinical degrees and certificates I’ve collected over the years. Then I realized most people don’t actually care about that. All you really want to know is who I am and can I help you feel better. I firmly believe in the research that supports the fact that a solid relationship is at the center of any worthwhile, healing change. So, who am I and can I help are important questions to answer.

Have We Met?

I’m Dr. Cristie Ritz-King

I have spent the better part of my adulthood searching for ways to help people feel good in and about their lives. During this endless pursuit in the name of healing, I have become a Doctor of Psychology with a focus on trauma and maternal mental health.

Before all that, I was a doula, holistic health coach, reading specialist and English teacher in public and private schools for 12 years. 

Maybe most important is what I was doing DURING all this: I am the mom of three teenagers and a wife of over 25 years. (Yes, teenagers and yes, I once lived through a year of 3 kids under 4!

What does all this mean for me?

I am really good at hearing the unsaid and putting puzzle pieces together to heal old wounds. For you this may help to stop relying on old behaviors that don’t serve you and build new ones based on choices made from a place of calm and love.

I love my life but it wasn’t always that way. To get my own clarity, I had to learn many of the skills I now teach so I could find the calm in the chaos of regular life. Now, the beautiful relationships I have with my kids and my spouse, that I built alongside a thriving career, are the true joys of my life. I want to help you get there too. 

How does this work?

Well, first things first, it’s your time to be heard.

You listen to everyone else all day long, now it’s your turn.

My highest priority is to listen deeply to address you as a whole person to help empower you to find your true self and align your lives with it. It is here where the healing begins. 

I’ve become adept at building customized healing programs for each person that sits in front of me, either on the couch or laptop/phone screen. Using a variety of mind-body approaches, I will work with you to create the transformation you are seeking that will last long after our work together ends. 

You might do this through parent coaching, the You Reinvented 1-1 program or in our amazing community; Women of Wonder. 

Healing happens through relationships. You need someone as invested in you as you are in everyone else.

If you’re reading this and can’t help nodding your head, let’s chat and see which is the perfect fit for you.

You deserve more than just feeling like you’re going through the motions. You deserve to feel whole and fulfilled. You deserve to readily see the Wonder in life.

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