Parenting Teens: The Myths and the Magic

I've navigated the world of teenagers as a teacher, therapist and mom. In my time on planet teen, I've learned a lot about how to talk so teenagers actually listen, how to teach teenagers and how to make the most out of living with teens. 

I learned through studying the teenage brain in books and in my office as well as through many mistakes and stumbles through motherhood. Are you wishing you knew more, or felt better or simply were surrounded by other people who get you?

Sign up for my parents of teens online group and feel great about your kids again.


Registration is limited!

What: Online Group Education and Support

When: Monday Nights at 8:00pm Eastern

Where: Zoom Calls (from the comfort of your choosing!)

Why: Because you should be enjoying this time with your kids! 

This group is for you if...

  • You struggling to make the transition from mom of the little kid who listens to mom of teenager who doesn’t.
  • You long for the days when you had babies in the house instead of smelly grown-ups who are sometimes just as cranky as toddlers.
  • You miss the supportive community you had when the kids were little and all mommies hung out together.
  • You're loving every second of your life with teenagers but fear for their future or yours when they move away.  

You deserve to live in peaceful and happy home.  

Here's how this group will help.

Power in Numbers

Ever wonder what happened to the groups you could join when the kids were young? We isolate sometimes when our kids and their problems grow up. Now, more than ever, we need one another to talk with. This group is a safe space to do that. 

Learning to Listen

It can be hard to not get pulled in to teenage chaos. This group will give you tricks for speaking so kids actually listen to you and listening so you both can be heard. 

The Teenage Brain

Believe it or not, you're not crazy for thinking they're crazy. Teenagers have a lot going on in their brains. Learn what it all is and how to help them manage it. It helps to see what is typical at what age as well as what maybe needs more attention. 

Know Thyself

The best way to understand your teen is to really know yourself. We provide a safe place to figure out your own actions and reactions in a way that helps you and your kid. 

Future Support

Our group includes a Facebook group so you never lose the support or the cameraderie you'll build in our time together. 

Follow Up

Everyone gets their own individual call with me to help examine next steps and how to incorporate all you've learned into your own home. 

Access to Calls

We'll record our zoom calls so you will be able to go back and listen later if you have a question or just want a good laugh! 

You deserve this

Parenting is hard. You've earned the right to take some time for yourself to be supported, learn a bit and make a plan for a more peaceful and happy future. 

Not sure you can do this? Here's how I know you can...

I see families in my practice all the time who are tired, silent and clearly not enjoying their lives. After working with parents on nurturing themselves and changing the way they interact with their children, everything changes. Not only are moms and dads happier, but so are the teenagers and that shift is visible in the way they engage with one another and carry themselves into a room.

Families go from feeling beaten down to truly enjoying their time together. Parents and teens both feel heard, seen and loved. There is laughter and peace. Wounds are mended, boundaries are set and everyone feels better about their place in the home. It is not a miracle or magic. It is surely not a quick fix. There is not some secret formula I have. But, I do have a bird's eye view that sometimes parents lack because they are so overwhelmed with the chaos and fear. 

This group is the inside track to that bird's eye view. You'll learn how to care for yourself in a way that allows you to interact with your kids so your home life will feel the way you want it to rather than the way you feared it would be. 

So... are you in?