These are strange days. The social distancing required to flatten the curve of the the COVID-19 pandemic can leave us feeling all manner of feelings that may be hard to manage. I sent my therapy clients a note updating them on practice procedures and I included some suggestions that I thought may be helpful to everyone. So, I’m sharing them here with you as well as an opportunity to gather in community. Read all the way to the bottom for more information.

We are all facing new and confusing territory with this latest move toward flattening the curve. While I don’t have any personal experience with global pandemics, I have learned a thing or two about crisis response. Here are some suggestions for keeping yourself mentally well during these trying times.

  1. Practice patience with yourself and try to stay calm. Remember, the immune system is controlled by the nervous system and when the nervous system is free of interference, people can more easily ward off and adapt to viruses such as coronavirus. So, now is the time for the breathing and meditation we talk so much about. A few deep breaths go a long way.
  2. Get as much outdoor time and sunlight as possible. Fresh air and sunlight is beneficial to your overall well-being, especially in times of crisis.
  3. Support and community is so important at times of high-stress. That is made extra difficult when we are meant to be social-distancing. So take advantage of technology to connect with family and friends that maybe you don’t have time for when life is proceeding as normal. Remember the good old fashioned phone? Try picking it up again. You just may be surprised how much better you feel!
  4. Limit your media intake. Too much exposure can heighten anxiety and depression. Find the facts you need. Leave the rest behind.
  5. Exercise-movement of any kind really-will help keep your nervous system in check.
  6. Rest. Take advantage of this time to do less and rest more.
  7. Stay hydrated, wash your hands, comment below if you need some support. This isn’t therapy, but it can be a place to come for comfort and hope. That’s what I’m here for, as you are  in my thoughts throughout this time.

Part of this list includes community. We often seek community when we are in times of toil. That’s much harder to do when we are supposed to keep social distance. Thankfully, we have the internet!  If you haven’t joined our Facebook group and are interested in doing so, I will be providing regular meditations and even more content than normal around supporting each other through this time.  So, go request to join and come be a member of our community.

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