Hello friends!

Today, we are diving into self-care, one of my favorite yet most frustrating topics.

The inspiration for this episode came from an event in my life I wanted to share. So join me for a deeper understanding of self-care, what it means, and how to practice it through daily rituals.

Chaotic Times and Unexpected Events

A recent series of events caused havoc in my home. With the changing sports seasons, increased travel demands for my husband’s job, a new puppy, and the increased demand for therapy in January, our routines were all thrown off balance. So chaos reigned supreme in my household.

A Domino Effect

A single incident, a missed practice due to a scheduling miscommunication, set off a chain of challenges that led to a cascade of alterations to client meetings and personal schedules. Even after we resolved the situation, it still took us time to recover and return to normal.

The Importance of Routine for Self-Care

Reflecting on those events, I saw the importance of self-care. Routine, ritual, and relationships are the three pillars of safety and self-care. Establishing routines provides stability and predictability, which add to a sense of comfort and safety. Even small daily rituals can add a sense of significance and nourishment to our lives, helping us feel cared for and renewed.

Adapting Routines During the Pandemic

The disruptions caused by the pandemic highlighted the importance of adapting our routines to changing circumstances. Things we once took for granted, like the daily commute or moments of solitude, became cherished aspects of self-care. Finding new rituals and routines to replace those disrupted by external factors became essential for maintaining our well-being.

The Role of Relationships in Self-Care

Nurturing supportive relationships also plays a crucial role in self-care. Surrounding ourselves with people who provide comfort, understanding, and acceptance can replenish our energy and provide emotional nourishment. Recognizing and cultivating those relationships can go a long way in enhancing our overall sense of well-being.

Finding Self-Care in the Everyday

Self-care is not always about indulgence or luxury. It is more about finding ways to care for ourselves every day. Whether being more intentional in our daily routines, nurturing supportive relationships, or finding moments of renewal, self-care is always accessible for everyone. By prioritizing routines, rituals, and relationships that nourish and replenish us, we can create a world where we feel safe, supported, and fulfilled.

Ritualizing My Morning Routine with Cacao

Today, I want to share how I ritualize my morning routine, starting with cacao. You might know cacao as a quirky reference from the comedy show Portlandia, but it is more than that. It is chocolate. I learned how they use it ritualistically in Native American and South American traditions during a retreat with a coach who works closely with a Native American dream interpreter. I discovered a specific cacao there called cacao junipu, sourced from Ecuador, which I adore. Its preparation process adds significance to my morning ritual.

Creating Rituals with Tarot Cards and Meditation

I also incorporate tarot cards and meditation into my morning ritual. Pulling a tarot card and jotting down journal entries are as essential for this practice as setting the mood with candles and music. I particularly enjoy candles from a local store called Earth Spirits, each associated with different intentions, like prosperity. I also find meaning in offering the remnants of my cacao back to the earth as a symbolic gesture.

Intentional Mug Selection and Seasonal Adaptations

I put thought into the mugs I use during my morning ritual, reserving some for cacao only and using others for different beverages, choosing them based on their grounding and comforting qualities as part of my ritual, also adapting my routine to the seasons, incorporating elements like a light therapy light during winter.

Personalized Adaptations and Conclusion

My morning ritual is personalized and adaptable, making intentional choices to transform my routine into a meaningful practice, even swapping out cacao for coffee if I need an extra boost or am short on time.

My Invitation

I invite you to consider how you could infuse your daily practices with intention and mindfulness to create rituals that resonate with you.

Till next time!

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