Hi, I’m Cristie. How Can I Help?

I’m a girl who’s seen a bunch, survived a bunch and learned how to thrive. 

I’m a doctor of Psychology, a doula, a teacher and healer. What I mostly am is a mom who wants to help other moms, not just survive, but also thrive and fall in love with their lives. I do that in therapy sessions, through mindful parenting courses, hosting restorative and empowering retreats for women, writing blogs and books and having tough conversations on my podcast. 

Poke around here awhile and you just may find that what you’ve been looking for right here on this site.

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As they roll (or walk or drive) away from us, all on their own on summer and life adventures, may we worry less about them than we celebrate their independence and a job well done by us in providing both roots and wings. This is my wish for you and me. Parenthood can be viewed as a series of small goodbyes. But instead of dwelling in the heartache, let’s choose to relish their victories in growing up and ours in turning out great humans into the world. . . . #parentingteens #maternalmentalhealth #motherhood #summer #graduationseason ...

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Anyone else need some deep breaths this Friday? Woowhee this "return to normal" (Whatever that means!) thing can really take it out of a girl. Give me a little emoji love in the comments if you're with me in feeling a little off kilter as we navigate this brave new re-opened world! Then, stare at this picture and exhaaaallllee. 😘⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #parenting⁠ #pandemicparenting⁠ #mentalhealth⁠ #breathe ...

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In all the excitement around having a graduating senior, I have not given this podcast episode enough love. IT IS SO GOOD! @msthienkim joins me to talk about the big daddy of uncomfortable conversations... being a mom AND seeking pleasure AND talking to our kids about s-e-x. (We pack a lot into this one!) ⁠ Come listen, hear our new theme song by my in-house singer-songwriter and join us for some parenting conversation that makes you go hmmm... 😉⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #empowerment⁠ #empoweredparenting⁠ #parenting⁠ #motherhood⁠ #podcast⁠ #uncomfortableconversations ...

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