Hi, I’m Cristie. How Can I Help?

I’m a girl who’s seen a bunch, survived a bunch and learned how to thrive. 

I’m a doctor of Psychology, a doula, a teacher and healer. What I mostly am is a mom who wants to help other moms, not just survive, but also thrive and fall in love with their lives. I do that in therapy sessions, through mindful parenting courses, hosting restorative and empowering retreats for women, writing blogs and books and having tough conversations on my podcast. 

Poke around here awhile and you just may find that what you’ve been looking for right here on this site.

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Dear Moms (or women thinking about being moms),⁠ ⁠ I listened to a podcast where the host shared her thoughts on the decisions around having children and I was struck by a few things:⁠ 1. Why are we so dang judgmental of women? I mean, sometimes it seems like the whole world feels like they get to weigh in on decisions and choices whether they know you, think they know what's best, or know nothing at all. It's frustrating.⁠ 2. Why do we think in such extremes? Parenting, like any other job, isn't perfect all the time but it's also not the worst thing ever all the time. Like anything in life, the experiences one has a mom aren't universal. Your journey will look similar to others at some points but it will also look wildly different from everyone at others. So, stop telling people what they should or shouldn't do, or what they can expect or not, solely based on your own experience.⁠ Because, yours isn't theirs and theirs isn't yours. So, each of you should get to have your own free of outside opinion.⁠ 3. I am 100% aligned with the work I'm doing. Maternal mental health and thriving relationships (couples, parents and kids etc.) are very clearly the things I am most passionate about. I'm glad I finally figured out how to share that passion in a helpful way. (Even if the road was way longer and windier than I ever expected!) ⁠ ⁠ Alright, off my soapbox. ⁠ Moms, keep rocking it however you're doing it. You're the perfect mom for your kids. ⁠ ⁠ Women contemplating motherhood, no advice except to say, you got this. Whatever you decide is the right decision. ⁠ ⁠ You got this. ⁠ xoxo, ⁠ CRK⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #lovenotesformom⁠ #parenting⁠ #maternalmentalhealth⁠ #curiosityandawe⁠ ⁠ ...

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On this episode of Explicit Conversations (about parenting) Podcast I had the pleasure of chatting with Jo & Barb from The Single Process about all things divorce. We start at the "how did you know" phase and walk all the way through coparenting and dating after. These women are powerhouses, funny and full of great information. I love saying the quiet things loud about divorce with them. Check it out. . . . #podcast #coparenting #lifeafterdivorce #explicitconversations ...

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Anyone else use their phone photos to combat otherwise grey and dreary days? Just me? Huh. Well, enjoy this sunny beach day here if you’re looking out your window at clouds and rain instead. . . #mentalhealth #visualization #happyplace ...

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First manicure outside of my bedroom in almost 18 months. Thinking and talking and hearing and writing a lot about the hows of transitioning to whatever is next for all of us here in the US. (I recognize the time table isn’t the same everywhere which is also a reason for what I’m seeing.) What’s coming up is anxiety. Some over moving backward to stuff we discovered wasn’t serving us. And anxiety for moving on and then having it all taken away again. How about you friend? What did you miss? What do you wish you could leave forever? What’s making you nervous moving forward? How about the kids in your life? How are the moving into this brave new world? Know I’m with ya. We got this, even if it doesn’t feel like it sometimes. . . . #parenting #parentingteens #parentinglittles #maternalmentalhealth #pandemicparenting ...

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My baby is officially not a baby anymore. High school here he comes. Proud Mama. ...

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