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Life can be hard and our world gets very noisy. When that happens and we go looking for answers, we need someone who can listen in a way that allows us to truly be heard. At Wonder Inc., we use relational, trauma sensitive practices to help people heal and move into their best lives. We believe in honoring our past while looking with positivity toward the future. Here, people are treated with respect and compassion. We are warm, understanding and playful. We believe you have all the answers inside you. You just need a place to tell your story and a person to help you find your own voice.



1. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.


1. desire or to be curious to know something.

Who should visit Wonder Inc.?

  • Women struggling through life stages
  • Couples seeking smoother seas
  • Parents of gifted or highly sensitive children
  • Survivors of domestic and sexual violence
  • Those seeking to heal through mind-body connected services
  • People with a story to tell


At Wonder Inc. we offer a variety of in-person therapy services in our offices in Red Bank. In addition, we have Telehealth therapy and Explicit Parent Coaching via secure video conferencing. Call or contact us for more information on what services may be a fit for you.

We work best with people who are struggling through change. Whether it’s postpartum mothers, empty nesters, post divorce or changing careers, change is hard and sometimes scary. If you’re looking for help navigating shifting seas, you’ve found safe harbor at Wonder Inc.

Communications and relationship skills are valuable for any partnership. Come learn to listen and speak more effectively in a safe, judgement free space in order to nurture and grow your best selves.

In office or via video conference parent coaching is solution-focused guidance for parents with challenging situations at home or school. Sessions involve whole family at times but mostly include one or both parents.

We specialize in change. Whether it's a new job, a move, an empty nest or just the beauty of aging, we help to alleviate the pain of growing pains.

Parenting children 12-20 is hard work and sometimes it can feel pretty lonely. Join this group of fellow moms and dads for monthly education, inspiration and most of all a community of people in the trenches for support.

Feeling overwhelmed by the role of motherhood? No matter if it's your first or fifth, a new baby brings great change and often huge emotions for mom. Come to our weekly support group when you can for education, inspiration and community.

Research has shown that we sometimes carry trauma in our bodies for years. Trauma sensitive yoga and meditation are tools to help release the hold trauma and stress can have on our physical selves. We use slow and mindful movement and focus to heal from within, so that we can regain power over our lives. This isn't your power yoga class but it is empowering.

Imagine, a full day or even a few days away to recharge, rest, and maybe even reinvent. Restoration retreats are time well spent, full of life-affirming connection and inspiration. There is nothing more powerful than rooms full of women sharing and guiding one another toward their greatness. At Restoration Retreats, women of all ages and stages come to be reminded of their power and leave rested, revived and ready to shout about it to the world.

What people say about Wonder Inc.

  • My favorite part of this Reinvention Retreat was the positive and encouraging atmosphere as well as the mediation and vision casting. All of the women were so welcoming. I enjoyed the experience and was pleasantly surprised.

    — Brittany K.

  • I appreciated that this weekend I learned how to envision my goals in a way that was more encouraging to move toward them as well as the importance of having patience with myself. My favorite part was the opportunity to take time out and look within.

    — Anna P.

  • The first retreat I attended gave me a few “a-ha” moments that have really stuck with me and helped me through a very difficult period in my life. I learned to let myself have time to focus on what I really want.

    — Jessie J.

  • Even though Cristie is thousands of miles away, each Explicit Parenting session feels as if she’s by my side —cheering me on and guiding me to make more meaningful, productive choices for myself and my family. Cristie’s ability to hear what I need — even when I can’t articulate it — and set me up for success is a true gift. She’s helped me organize my mind, my priorities, and my family in ways that have made for a happier, more peaceful home.

    — Amy H.

About Cristie

Cristie Ritz-King

Of all the professional and educational avenues Cristie has travelled, perhaps the most important path is the one where her roles include family. For it is these roles that have driven her professional and creative pursuits.
No matter what Cristie studies or jobs she pursues, all roads ultimately lead back to marriage and parenting. Cristie is passionate about working with women in transition finding their place and purpose in the world, as well as couples and families to help foster healthy, communicative and happy homes.

Cristie’s priority is to empower people to find their true north and align their lives with it. She does this by listening deeply and addressing the whole person, not just the problems they bring. It is here where the healing begins. As a firm believer in the connection of mind and physical body, Cristie uses an eclectic mix of strategies including; mindfulness, EMDR, IFS, trauma sensitive yoga, cognitive-behaviorism and person-centered talk therapy. Cristie believes every person who comes into her office has the power and intuition to heal themselves and move into their own light. Her job is simple: patiently help guide people toward the greatness they already possess.

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Work with Me

At Wonder Inc. we are available to work with individuals, parents, couples and families in a variety of areas including trauma, relational issues and life transitions. Our mission is to foster hope and facilitate change for one’s mind, body, spirit and community through providing a safe place to tell your story and embrace your life. Call today for a free consultation to see which services are the right match for you.


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Sometimes, the #wonderwednesday inspiration is right in front of me. This space in the office is often the scene of some wicked games of Connect 4 with kids or drawing or journaling with adults. The wonder could just be the space, (isn’t it cozy?) but more often, the awe is inspired by the human spirits that sit across from me. It may look like a game or silly activity, but really I’m witness to strength, courage, insight and spectacular growth when I sit here. That, my friends, is the most wonderful gift of all. What a gift this job is. What a wonder the people I meet in it. ...

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A mess of reusable snack bags on a kitchen counter. How is this a #wonderWednesday post, you ask. Good Question-here’s why: Wonder is all about approaching life with curiosity and awe; asking questions instead of making assumptions. It’s about accepting things with a smile of understanding instead of leaning into frustration. When my kids were small, I bent over backwards to make environmentally sound choices. We had a house full of reusable bags and water bottles, fabric napkins, dish towels instead of Brawny and nary a paper plate to be seen. Then, they grew and life got busy. Their opinions about being the kid at lunch with fabric snack bags and napkins changed. My available time to wash and rewash bags changed. They started making their own lunches and slowly but surely we became a house that had paper napkins and ziploc bags. It broke my heart a little and I wondered if I’d wasted all of our time. Flash forward to today. I have a house full of socially conscious teenagers who have asked me to replace the plastic with reusable bags. I could get frustrated at this turn of events. I could be angry at the money I’ll spend. I could second guess ever giving into them in the first place. Instead, I’m choosing awe. Isn’t it a wonder these future adults are so conscious and focused on what they can do to change the world? Raising world changers: that’s wonderful, no matter how long it takes. ...

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Are you ever caught in the Hustle Trap? You know that feeling that you have to be doing ALL the things ALL the time? I was there and it nearly broke me. I’m trying to start over. Slow down and choose where I go and what I do with more focus and intention. Maybe even take a little time for pure enjoyment, like a big bite of juicy fall apple. Professional Life is long. There is plenty of time for work goals. The good stuff, like relationships and joy? There can never be enough of that. Slow down and add some in. It’s not too late. ...

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Today’s #wonderwednesday comes with a side of attitude adjustment. This water mark on my beautiful reclaimed wood table was created by an adorable little serving tray shaped like a Hawaiian shirt. Said tray was placed on my table, still wet from the dishwasher, by my well-meaning son. 👨👨👨👨 When I discovered this water mark, I ran through a range of emotions fast. 🤔🤭😬😳🤬🤬😤😩☹️ Before reacting and taking it out on my kid or some poor unsuspecting soul in my path, I settled into “it was an accident” mode and started searching for a solution. Praise to the goddesses of google who provided me with an answer to my query on how to remove a water stain from a wood table. (Initially, in my rush of anger, I not think it was possible and all hope was dashed !) 🙌👐👍🙏🏻🙏🏻 Within the time it takes to watch a sitcom, I had removed the stain with products from my kitchen and restored my table back to normal. (Now I just have to return the tray!!) This wonder story is to serve as a reminder that most things aren’t as hopeless as they may seem at first, google may have an answer for just about anything, and teenagers mostly mean well, even if they do boneheaded things that potentially ruin favorite furniture. Oh, and perhaps most importantly, attitude can make a difference between acute pain and long-term suffering. ...

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Sometimes I hope to find it in this little bottle of oils. #balance ...

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It may be cliche, but it never fails. Whenever I’m in need of some Wonder, I head to the sea. This week’s been challenging. Coming up with a #wonderwednesday post wasn’t quick or easy. Then I remembered, I live near the ocean and a river and nothing inspires wonder and awe more than the movement of water. If you live near water, get there today. If you aren’t close, use this image for your daily dose of wonder and awe. 🌊🌊🌊 ...

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Sometimes, even if you try to hide the light with giant obstacles, it’s going to come through anyway. Let it shine. Soak it in. Live in the light, even if it feels blocked from total view. ...

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