Hi, I’m Cristie. How Can I Help?

I’m a girl who’s seen a bunch, survived a bunch and learned how to thrive. 

I’m a doctor of Psychology, a doula, a teacher and healer. What I mostly am is a mom who wants to help other moms, not just survive, but also thrive and fall in love with their lives. I do that in therapy sessions, through mindful parenting courses, hosting restorative and empowering retreats for women, writing blogs and books and having tough conversations on my podcast. 

Poke around here awhile and you just may find that what you’ve been looking for right here on this site.

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Things I missed during quarantine: 1.) Live theater 2.) The energy of passionate people doing what they love. 3.) My baby boy grow (literally and figuratively) from enthusiastic theater fan, into a heck of a leading(ish) man. No joke, when he was cast in this show he was about six inches shorter and the role of Crutchie. Then a year (and a growth spurt) passed and when they were able to perform he didn’t fit into the old role. Luckily, they needed a Davey, so they let down the hem on his pants and taught him to dance (kinda). This cast was magic all around and I’m so impressed with the kids and adults involved. But I’d be lying if I said I kept my eyes off this guy for very long. Watching your kid bloom where they’ve been planted, especially after such a difficult season, feels like an incredible gift that I plan to soak in for a while. How about you? What did you miss then? What are you finding now? . . . #theaterkid #parenting #theatermom ...

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Settling in while my girl does her thing for an indeterminate amount of time. I’ve got my own book, a flat white, and a comfy couch. I’m here as long as she needs. (Could be days.) . . . #parenting #actorsmom ...

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It wouldn’t be time spent with my girl if it didn’t include books. . . . #parenting #nyc #mothersanddaughters ...

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It’s weird being here. There are moments where it feels like coming home to all that we know, and then others where we’re reminded nothing is the same. We got interviewed by local news about the re-mask announcement. We had just left a restaurant where everyone had on masks. We decided that if wearing masks meant we got to keep being out and about, we’d do it. Still, it’s all a bit weird. . . . #nyc ...

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Seemed like a good time to share this. Anyone else 😳😳😳😳 these days? Link in bio. Take a breath. Then read this. Thanks Candice Georgiadis and @medium . #authoritymagazine . . . #mentalhealth #mindfulness #parenting ...

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