In response to the COVID-19 crisis, I now offer telehealth individual and couples counseling sessions for both current and new clients. The secure platform I'm using will allow you to stay in contact with me as a current client, or connect with me as a new client to help you navigate through this unusual and trying time. Contact me here to arrange an appointment.

Wonder Inc. Wellness

Life can be hard. 

It doesn’t have to hurt.

I’m passionate about providing the support you need to stop feeling anxious and overwhelmed with your job, your kids, your life. Let’s start the work to help embrace what you have and who you are so you can find real joy. If it seems like the way you feel on the inside doesn’t match how you expected, contact me now to set up a consultation for services.


A trauma therapy practice named Wonder?

Yes!  Aren’t you curious about why you’re feeling anxious, or having the same fight with your partner or feeling so bad even though your life looks so good?

I am.

Curiosity is at the center of this clinical practice because it is the first step for change.

My clients have struggled just like you. Despite being intelligent, driven people with lives that look good on the outside, the way they feel on the inside doesn’t match.

Instead of band-aiding a symptom or trying to rid a person of elements of who they are, we get curious about why things happen in their life. Then we work together to make changes that help them feel better.

You deserve to feel good too. As we work together we’ll get to watch you grow in all the best ways. That resilience is certainly awe-inspiring.

Curiosity and Awe: The Soul of Wonder Inc. Wellness



1. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.


1. desire or to be curious to know something.

Who should visit Wonder Inc.?

  • Postpartum moms struggling with their new role
  • Couples seeking smoother seas
  • Frustrated parents of highly sensitive children
  • Survivors of domestic and sexual violence
  • People tired of repeating the same patterns
  • People ready to do the work to feel as good as their life looks


At Wonder Inc. we offer therapy services in person and via secure telehealth video conference. In addition, our Explicit Parent Coaching is available in a number courses and support groups. 

Are you an overwhelmed postpartum mother, confused empty nester, lost after a divorce or changing careers? As therapists trained in trauma specialties like EMDR and TS Mindfulness, we work best with women desperate to change unhelpful patters in life and relationships. Change is hard and sometimes scary. If you’re looking for help navigating shifting seas, you’ve found safe harbor at Wonder Inc.

Tired of fighting? Sick of the silence? Does everything look fine outside but inside you feel anything but fine? Come learn to listen and speak more effectively in a safe, judgement free space. We believe every partnership deserves to feel good for every partner.

Are you here because you are tired of the chaos inside your home or is it that you can't take any more arguing with your kids or their teachers over what is happening at school? We've got what you need to feel better and start getting along well with your kids and their teachers.

We heal in community and there is strength in sisterhood. Our groups have both. They are all part education, part therapy, part the power of community. All that can add up to life-changing fun. Whether it's a new job, a move, an empty nest or just the beauty of aging, our groups help you to alleviate the pain in growing pains.

Parenting children 12-20 is hard work and sometimes it can feel pretty lonely. Join this group of fellow moms and dads for monthly education, inspiration and most of all a community of people in the trenches for support.

Did your expectations of motherhood fail to match reality? No matter if it's your first or fifth, a new baby brings great change and often huge emotions for mom. Our support groups provide just the empowering education, inspiration and community you need.

Have you talked and talked about a problem and still feel stuck? Research has shown that we carry trauma in our bodies. Trauma sensitive yoga and meditation are tools to help release the hold that trauma and stress can have on us. We use slow and mindful movement and focus to heal from within, so that we can regain power over our lives. This isn't your power yoga class but it is empowering.

When you step away from your routine, clarity can present herself. Unlike vacations which often add more stress, retreats offer structured relaxation to help you truly reconnect with yourself. Full of life-affirming connection and inspiration, Restoration Retreats are time well spent.

Work with Me

If you’ve scrolled this far, you are likely looking for whatever it takes to feel better.

When clients first come to see me, they are often overwhelmed by the difference in how they thought life would be and how they feel it is actually going. My clients have everything they thought they ever wanted, except clarity and confidence. For them anxiety, repeated unhealthy habits, or unmet expectations got in they way of the life they wanted in many ways.

Before my clients came to see me, they were worried about admitting they didn’t enjoy their life or have it all figured out. Even if something bad had happened to them, they were afraid to say it or ashamed that they were even affected by it. They thought they should have it all figured out, or at least not complain about it. Admitting we’re human can be really scary.

Like my clients, you deserve to feel good about who you are and the choices you make in life. A rich life with  fulfilling relationships is not out of reach. Healing wounds, old or fresh, is possible and will propel you to live without suffering and even full of joy.

The mission of Wonder Inc. is to foster hope and facilitate change for one’s mind, body, spirit and community. I do that through providing a safe place to tell your story and learn to embrace your life. You’ve worked hard to get here. Aren’t you ready to start feeling good about it?

If you think it’s time to discover the joy in the life you’ve built, I’m here to help you do that. Call or contact me now.

Life can be hard. But it doesn’t have to hurt.

About Cristie

Dr. Cristie Ritz-King, PsyD

Have you ever felt the need to shut yourself completely off to make room for somebody else? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the roles you’ve grown into even if they are all you ever dreamed of?

I am passionate about working with people who feel stuck in a role or patterns that are making their life hard.

Our work together is all about holding space for you.

I’ve spent the better part of  20 years learning, living, and discovering the tools to help you go from feeling anxious or scared or lonely, to being secure in your value and your boundaries so that you can find joy in your relationships and love the life you’ve built.

I hold space for you so we can do just that.

So, who am I? Why should you trust me? These are excellent questions and frankly, ones you should be able to answer before working with anyone.

Who am I?

I am a mom. I say that first because even though it didn’t happen until I was old enough to already think I knew who I was, becoming a mother completely rearranged my identity and forced me to examine a whole bunch of stuff I would have rather ignored in order to truly know myself.

<Hello, limiting beliefs, relational patterns, recognition that I’m more like my mom than I realized, and a slight identity crisis.>

So, I know at thing or two adapting expectations and handling change.


Read More Here

Interested in better managing the stress of change?

Get the latest tools and inspiration starting with our free guide for people who may be struggling through stages of life.

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