Hi, Moms. I’m Cristie. How Can I Help?

I’m a girl who’s seen a bunch, survived a bunch and learned how to thrive. 

I’m a doctor of Psychology, a doula, a teacher and healer. What I mostly am is a mom who wants to help other moms, not just survive, but also thrive and fall in love with their lives. I do that in therapy sessions, through mindful parenting courses, hosting restorative and empowering retreats for women, writing blogs and books and having tough conversations on my podcast. 

Poke around here awhile and you just may find that what you’ve been looking for right here on this site.

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Dear Moms Who Feel Like They’ve Lost All Control, I promise two things. 1.) That feeling won’t last forever (even if you think it will). 2.) Some of the things you think you need control of end up not actually being that important anyway. The kid can sit on the dog and everyone ends up fine. The kid can wear what they want and the judgement you’re worried about won’t feel nearly as intense as the love and pride you have for the kid finding their own way with their head held high. Hang in there. You got this. You are exactly the right one for the job. xoxo, CRK . . . #lovenotesformom #parenting #dogsofinstagram ...

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Just sitting here, missing my kid who went back to college 3 minutes ago. For anyone wondering, no, goodbye doesn’t get easier. . . . #grownandflown #parenting #parentingteenagers ...

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First snow. She’s smitten. . . . #puppiesofinstagram #goldenretriever #snow ...

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Heading into the new year with this dog-smile-in-the-cone-energy. Impediments will not dull my joy!! . . . #dogsofinstagram #mentalhealth #covidchristmas ...

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