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Musings on motherhood, mental health and living mindfully even when it feels like chaos reigns

attachment issues

Attachment Issues in Relationships

I can’t remember when it happened first, the awareness that my behaviors as an adult were somehow linked to my experiences as a kid, but I do know it

managing your emotions

Managing Your Emotions (and others)

Today we’re talking about managing your emotions and how to be honest with your kids while helping them cope with their own stuff. “Explain how that experience felt for

feeling normal

Normalizing Not Feeling Normal

Today’s post is about dealing with anxierty triggers and not feeling normal. After two years of social distancing, people-ing felt uncomfortable to me. Anyone else find they are experiencing


Triggers in Parenting

Today’s post is about parenting triggers and how they are often due to our own stuff being brought to the surface to examine and let go of. There is

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