Grief Counseling

grief counseling red bank, nj

The emotions that arise from loss are complex. They can be really difficult and often we think we’re supposed to figure it all out on our own. Grief isn’t always about death. You may be wondering why you’re feeling stuck or down, after many life events beyond just the loss of a loved one. 

Grief Counseling in Red Bank can help in the following situations:

  • Life transitions such as a divorce or becoming an empty nester
  • Job loss or career change
  • Loss of a pet
  • Collective loss from community events

My clients often feel anticipatory grief during times when they are caring for elderly or terminally ill loved ones.

How therapy for grief works:

grief counseling

When I work with people as a grief counselor, my goal is to create a safe space and listen with compassion to all the thoughts and emotions you may be experiencing, even the ones you might not want to share with anyone else. I support you with patience and an understanding that there is no step by step process for grief and different people need different things to heal. I provide judgment-free support for you to feel whatever you need, for as long as you need.

When you’re ready, I also share tools to help cope and process your pain…

Grief Counseling offers the following benefits:

Compassionate Support:  Working with a trained counselor means that you’ll receive empathetic support and guidance for navigating this challenging time.  Not only will your feelings be validated but you will find healing in being able to share your feelings with someone who cares and understands that there is no timeline nor can you ever do it wrong.

Suggestions for coping tools: while there is no magic wand to make the pain disappear, there are tools I can share that offer some relief-even brief-that you may want to know about. 

Time and Space to Heal: There is a lot of judgment out there around how we process loss. Coming to counseling can provide you the judgment free space to navigate it all in the best way for you. 

Any kind of grief  can be very challenging and sometimes we feel like there is no end to the pain.  When we work together, we’ll use whatever time and tools necessary to help you move through your grief in a way that feels most helpful for you.

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