Women of Wonder (W.o.W) Community

MENTAL HEALTH support groups Middletown, NJ

Mental health support groups in Middletown provide a safe and nurturing environment where women can connect, share experiences, receive emotional support and overcome their trauma. We foster a sense of community and understanding among women who may be facing similar mental health challenges. 

By sharing your struggles and triumphs with others who can relate can be immensely beneficial in providing you with a sense of validation. In addition, we offer you an opportunity to learn valuable coping skills, gain insights from others’ perspectives. By participating in one of these groups, you can gain the tools and healing necessary to live a life filled with joy and success.


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Why Should I Join an Online Community?

Women are overwhelmed, burned out, and feeling alone because we’re blazing new trails without the support we need.

Add to our mental load the fact that as we age, we often lose even the very little sense of community we had as younger women or moms of littles, because we feel unable or unwilling to share our struggles. Our “stuff” starts to feel bigger, harder, more unique and often more personal than before so we think we need to stay quiet and figure it out alone.

This is particularly true after the pandemic when we were all trapped in our own little worlds and now it feels like we are behind on all fronts (careers, relationships, parenting), without a roadmap of how to get back to what worked, or continue in a different way if that’s what we need.

There is power in the collective. Women helping other women is a tried and true method for empowerment and success, not to mention laughter and love. Every time I’ve ever joined an online community I have left better than when I started and I hate every time it ends!

Why this one?

The W.o.W Community is the place to find the roadmap or build the new one you need right now. Within W.o.W, I’ve created a place that is safe enough to say the quiet stuff out loud. I’ve brought to the community all the years of education and work in trauma informed, judgment free care that I’ve garnered in order to ensure it is a space women feel comfortable sharing their wholly authentic selves, even if they don’t remember exactly who that is at this moment. I’m passionate about helping you figure it out and bringing women together who will lift each other up.

Together in W.o.W, we’ll learn, grow and feel less alone as we walk alongside one another onto the trails we’re all blazing for ourselves the people we love.

Aren’t there other ways to work with you?

I do offer a lot of free content (newsletter, podcast, Love notes on IG, but it’s not all in one place, it’s limited by time constraints, and it is one way communication. I have found over the years that so many of you have follow up questions or more specific concerns than I can get to in these ways.

I also offer one on one consulting, but there isn’t enough of me to help all of you every week. I’ve had a waitlist for months and it breaks my heart every time I have to tell someone I can’t help.

Enter, The W.o.W community, the place where I can provide a chance for you to engage with me directly, so it is more of a conversation than just watching my talking head on video. This way, you can get your unique needs met not just from me but because of the countless the benefits of peer input as well.

Couple my Integrated Mental Health expertise and the power of women helping women to make the ultimate place to come for support and growth. Join us today.