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When we hear the word trauma, we often think of acute situations like a natural disaster, death of a loved one, phsyical or sexual assault.

While those types of “Big T” traumas do occur for some, many of my clients come in because they are noticing the effects of what we call “Little t” trauma. 

Clients don’t think they’ve ever had trauma in their life but often the struggles of adulthood illuminate our childhood adversities and trauma. 

If you are repeating patterns in your life that are destructive to you, or your relationships, it may be because of experiences that formed you when you were young. 

I’m not one to practice a  “let’s blame everything on mommy” approach. But, I do understand the effects of adversity on a developing mind and I’ve studied how to overcome them and heal when we’re grown. 

The good news is it’s never too late to change.

Maybe you’re repeating some destructive patterns at work or in your relationships.

Perhaps you get angrier with your kids faster than you’d like.

Are you trying so hard to please others you lose yourself in the process?

If you are struggling with adulthood, let’s see if there are old wounds we can heal that you may not even be aware of but will help you move forward toward real joy.

My doctoral work focused on effective prevention and treatment of Postpartum depression and anxiety. 

What I found was that mothers need support, information and empowerment to overcome the often crippling expectation of new motherhood. It takes guidance to embrace your unique style of parenting, trust your inner voice and let go of the feelings of “not doing it right.”

I work with some womxn who have been diagnosed with a postnatal mood disorder and others that have not been diagnosed but who feel like motherhood is not what they expected and they need support to move forward in a way that works for the whole family.

Parents of High Sensitive Kids

After years of working with children, it became clear that parents need support in order to best help their kids. 

My graduate degree in education, that included deep study of behavior management techniques, along with my passion for mindful parenting (and my own experience raising three kids) make me uniquely qualified to support parents of intense, highly sensitive kids. 

If you are struggling with your child’s behavior or anxious moods, let’s talk about how you can learn strategies to not just support your tiny human, but to take care of yourself as well.

Grief and loss takes many shapes. We mourn death of course, but we also grieve through the loss of relationships or job loss. We even mourn through life changes when they occur. 

No matter the loss. No matter the path of our grief, one things is universal, we are not great at the process in this culture. Grief is often not talked about, or it is given a timetable or a set of rules. Not here. Here you’ll find a safe, nonjudgemental place to go through whatever process you need to mourn loss and move forward.  

If you find yourself struggling with a recent loss of a loved one or even grieving through a stage of life, let’s talk.

Tired of fighting? Sick of the silence? Does everything look fine outside but inside you feel  anything but fine? Come learn to listen and speak more effectively in a safe, judgement free space. Cristie is Gottman trained and believes every partnership deserves to feel good for every partner.

Interested in better managing the stress of change?

Get the latest tools and inspiration starting with our free guide for people who may be struggling through stages of life.

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