Hello, everyone! Today, I share a replay of a previous episode where I discussed New Year’s resolutions – or the lack thereof along with clearing out the clutter at year end. It was inspired by an Instagram post that made me rethink the whole New Year’s resolution game by suggesting that before you make your New Year’s resolution- don’t! Isn’t that a breath of fresh air?

Get ready for a warm chat about the ritual of cleaning out and clearing space for the new, while embracing a more laid-back perspective on the resolutions front.

A Gradual Entry into January

The prospect of planning always leaves me exhausted. So this time, instead of rushing into resolutions, I have decided to opt for a gradual entry into January.

Making Way for the New

In my early days of parenting, we would clear out old toys before the holiday season. The idea was simple- to make room for new things by decluttering all the physical and emotional spaces in our lives. That concept, once applied to my children’s toys, now extends to my home, my mind, and my life.

The Challenge of Letting Go

Physical decluttering involves examining the reasons for keeping certain items. I allowed a build-up of mail in the foyer and magazines in my office. My emotional ties to some of those things, like unread magazines, became apparent. The challenge of letting go does not only pertain to discarding physical items. It also involves releasing the emotional weight attached to those things

My Ritual of Clearing

I use decluttering as a ritual to create physical space and cultivate mental clarity. In recognizing the interconnectedness between my physical and emotional clutter, I hope to bring a sense of renewal and openness to new possibilities in the coming year. I suggest you consider your process for intentionally clearing your physical and mental clutter.

Decluttering for Mental Clarity

In my quest for a clutter-free life, I have discovered some unconventional yet effective strategies. One of them involves my favorite magazine, Mindful. Leaving them in the bathroom increases the likelihood of me reading them.

Tackling Overwhelming Clutter Room by Room

Facing a cluttered house can be daunting. I have found that the best place to start is the room I spend the most time in or the one that bothers me the most. The process is not about tackling the whole house at once but identifying the spaces that will bring the most change when cleared.

Physical Decluttering, Breathwork, and Mindfulness

The connection between physical and emotional clutter is undeniable. The decluttering process is very revealing and can help you understand more about yourself. Other than physical decluttering, purposeful practices like meditation and breathwork are also valuable. Those practices open the mind, create clarity, and help with intentional goal-setting.

Self-Discovery Through Journaling

Journaling is also a powerful tool, not only as a structured practice but as a means to release your thoughts onto paper. Asking simple questions like “What do I want more of?” and “What do I want less of?” will help you in your process of self-discovery.

The Power of Routine in Maintaining Clarity

Maintaining your emotional well-being requires a commitment to routines that will foster awareness. When your routines and mindfulness practices slip, emotional turmoil often follows. Routines that promote self-awareness, mindfulness, and intentional living are the keys to preventing the re-accumulation of clutter, both physically and mentally.

Taking Time to Declutter

Before rushing into resolution-making, spend some time decluttering your life, physically and emotionally. Doing that will allow you to pave the way for clarity in your path forward.

Always remember that no matter how big the mess, how much clutter you have, or how unclear you are about what comes next, know that you are loved!

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