In today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Holly Norian, a woman who embodies the spirit of trusting your instincts and making grounded decisions. Holly is a branding guide, graphic designer, print expert, and wellness enthusiast, who also happens to be a self-professed cat person turned dog mom. Her story is one of exploration, entrepreneurship, and ultimately, a radical lifestyle change that many of us only dream about.

Holly’s Professional Journey

Holly’s professional background is rooted in the visual communications industry. In 2017, she made the bold decision to dive into entrepreneurship, founding Fancy Fox Design. Her business thrived, but by 2021, she felt a familiar itch for change. Despite never having set foot in an RV, Holly proposed to her husband that they leave their home and travel the country. After a year and a half of research and preparations, they hit the road with their two dogs, embracing a completely new lifestyle.

The Decision-Making Process

Holly’s decision to take her life on the road wasn’t made on a whim. It was the result of deep introspection and practical considerations. She often wondered how to distinguish between a mere dissatisfaction with the status quo and a genuine need for change. The key, she found, was to trust her gut while making well-thought-out plans.

Life on the Road

Now, Holly and her husband live a nomadic lifestyle, balancing work, adventure, and downtime as they travel from one picturesque location to another. When I first asked Holly to share her story, she was hesitant to focus on the logistics of life on the road. Instead, we delved into the thought process and motivations behind such a significant life change.

Breaking Away from the Norm

Holly’s story is particularly intriguing because she wasn’t a 22-year-old hitting the road with a group of friends. She was an established professional, in a committed relationship, with a home and pets. The conventional life she had built made her decision to embrace a nomadic lifestyle all the more remarkable. It required not only a leap of faith but also a careful consideration of her and her husband’s desires and circumstances.

Significant Life Changes

Reflecting on her past, Holly realized that she had made significant life changes roughly every four years. From ending an engagement to moving into her own apartment, she was no stranger to starting anew. However, the decision to live on the road was different – it was a joint venture with her husband, rooted in their shared desire for adventure and growth.

The Turning Point

The turning point came when Holly started following a family on Instagram who had sold their house and hit the road in an RV. Despite her unfamiliarity with RVs, the idea resonated with her. After discussing it with her husband, they decided to go for it. This decision was partly influenced by her husband’s health scare, which underscored the preciousness of time and the importance of living life to the fullest.


Holly Norian’s journey is a testament to the power of following your gut and making well-grounded decisions. Her story encourages us to listen to our inner desires and take bold steps towards a life that truly fulfills us. Whether it’s embracing a nomadic lifestyle or making a different significant change, the key is to trust yourself and plan carefully. Holly’s adventure on the road is not just about the destinations she reaches, but the personal growth and insights gained along the way.