In our latest podcast episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Laura Wade, a coach dedicated to helping individuals find clarity, confidence, and courage to live their true passions and purpose. Laura shared valuable insights on how to align professional demands with personal values, and practical tips on living authentically.

Embracing Authenticity in Professional Life

Laura Wade emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself while navigating professional responsibilities. She discusses the challenges many face when trying to balance their work with their core values and personal passions. According to Laura, the key is to integrate one’s passions into their daily life, rather than compartmentalizing them.

The Passion Test: Discovering What Truly Matters

One of the standout moments in our conversation was Laura’s introduction of “The Passion Test,” a process designed by Janet and Chris Atwood. Laura, a certified practitioner of this test, guides her clients through identifying their top five passions. This exercise helps individuals understand what truly matters to them and how to incorporate these passions into their lives.

Living Your Passions Daily

Laura provides a vivid example from her own life, where experiencing and expressing love is one of her top passions. She explains that this passion isn’t limited to personal relationships but extends to her professional interactions as well. By aligning her work with her core values, Laura finds fulfillment and joy in both areas of her life.

Practical Tips for Authentic Living

Laura offers several practical tips for those looking to live more authentically:

  1. Regular Reflection: Periodically reassess your passions and values. Life circumstances change, and so might your priorities.
  2. Joy in the Journey: Focus on activities that bring you joy, rather than constantly seeking monetary gain from your passions.
  3. Accessing Inner Knowing: Trust your intuition and inner voice. Cultivate confidence in your ability to make decisions that align with your true self.

Laura’s Mission: Helping Others Thrive

Laura’s mission is to support individuals in their journey towards clarity, confidence, and courage. She offers a free guide on her website that helps people discover their passions and create a purpose statement. This guide is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to explore their true passions and align them with their life goals.

Connect with Laura Wade

To learn more about Laura Wade and her work, visit her website at There, you can access her free guide and explore the resources she offers to support your journey towards living authentically.