Coping With Anxiety During Uncertain Times

Are you feeling anxious in these uncertain times? Most of us would admit to some level of anxiety during this pandemic, but how do we acknowledge the feelings and learn the coping skills we need to manage? Today’s show comes to the rescue with practical advice from an expert. Join us to learn more!

Kayla Chorley is a licensed therapist in Alberta, Canada. As a high school teacher, she’s not only an expert on the topic of anxiety but also an expert on teens with anxiety. Kayla educates us about generalized anxiety and the basics of what that really means. She also shares what happens to an anxious person in times of great stress like we are experiencing right now. Kayla has helpful advice for all of us in managing anxiety at whatever level we find ourselves. 

Show Highlights:

  • Get to know Kayla, the physics teacher who wanted to be able to help her students in more tangible ways
  • The basics of anxiety:
    • Anxiety is a fear response. 
    • Anxiety has three core elements: feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations.
    • Anxiety can be of the everyday variety (external worries) or disordered anxiety (internal worries).
  • Why stomach issues often accompany anxiety
  • How anxiety becomes less scary when we understand the biology of how it works
  • Kayla’s tips for managing anxiety:
    • Be proactive, anticipate the anxiety, and “play offense.”
    • Shift your mindset to realize that anxiety is trying to work WITH you–not against you.
  • Kayla’s advice to parents who want to help their kids through the anxiety of today’s challenges: start with age-appropriate open dialogue and focus on the “right now”
  • How a focus on self-care can help all of us with anxiety
  • When parents should “check in” with their kids about anxiety and model uncertainty for them


The Anxious Pineapple podcast


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