Today, we’ll explore how to embrace your inner Super Mom by letting go of the guilt and focusing on the joy and fulfillment of motherhood.

“I just wish I knew before…” – every mom I work with about one thing or another.

Whether it’s the fact that it should be Terrible Threes or it is the feeling of grief as you learn to let go as they grow, so many moms tell me they wish they knew how things would be before they get there.

I’m never sure exactly why. Is it because they think they would have made different decisions if they knew? Maybe it’s because they think they would have been more prepared to handle things if they knew beforehand how those things would feel.

I’m here to tell you, it’s not true. Even if we think we know how much our lives will change when we have a kid, we usually realize we had NO IDEA once that kid is here.

Even if we think we can prepare for letting go of our kids as they move into adulthood by building a really fulfilling life for ourselves outside of motherhood, it still hurts to leave them in that dorm lobby or their first apartment or at their home with their first baby.

Much like sleepless nights, the pain of teething, or intense teacher conferences, the feelings that come from letting go can never be fully prepared for. You just do the best you can when you get there and remember nothing lasts forever.

Also, I’d be willing to be that even if you knew exactly how it would feel to let your babies go off into the big wide world, you wouldn’t change a thing. So, here’s love to you; moms who are letting their kids go. Whether it’s kinder or college, it’s never easy to watch our babies walk away. You got this. I know it.

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