Thien Kim Lam is unafraid to have uncomfortable conversations about sex. She’s not your typical romance writer because she’s focused on empowering women to enjoy sex and pleasure for themselves.

Thien learned a lot as a sex toy sales consultant and eventually she realized that so many issues were with female sexuality were universal and they needed to be addressed in a positive way.

She eventually started Bawdy Bookworms to combine the pleasures of romance novels with the pleasures of sex toys. She’s all about bringing back fun and pleasure for all types of women.

Join Cristie and Thien as they explore this conversation about sex, fun and pleasure!

Show Highlights:

  • Learn how Thien started writing romance novels
  • Why women need focus on their own pleasure
  • How Thien became uncomfortable with uncomfortable topics
  • Why it’s important for Thien to include all types of characters in her romance novels
  • How Bawdy Bookworms got started
  • Handling uncomfortable conversations with your children
  • The importance of working through your own uncomfortable feelings about conversations about sex that you have to have with your children
  • Representation and diversity and plus sized women in romance novels and why it’s important
  • Why it is important to deprogram yourself from shame as a woman


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