Today’s topic is prompted by an interesting listener question about the unsolicited advice that expectant and new parents receive. The truth is that the advice doesn’t stop with being a new parent, but it continues through many life events and transitions. Join me for a closer look.

Show Highlights:

  • Two universal truths when you are expecting a baby:
    • Everything is focused on you, the mom–until the baby comes.
    • When the baby arrives, opinions and advice come pouring in.
  • Why it’s a fact that all parents go through times of unsolicited advice at every transition in life
  • Why no one else knows what is best for you and your child except you and your child, meaning that you have the right to decide things for yourself
  • Why I have a burning desire to help other parents feel good about their parenting and build strong relationships with their kids
  • Why I believe that empowering a parent is the biggest protective factor against most mental health issues and the predictor of how the child turns out
  • What it means to be an empowered parent
  • My advice for parents:
    • Understand that advice is everywhere, and you are the filter.
    • Know who you are and what you want from the relationship with your child.
    • Tune into yourself to understand your strengths, triggers, and expectations.
    • Spend time on yourself, so you can filter the advice.
    • Plan out what you want to be like as a parent and know your endgame.
  • How I tuned into my strengths and weaknesses as a parent to learn what I was capable of
  • Why the stuff you buy isn’t as important as the environment you create
  • Why parents fall into the trap of wanting to control EVERYTHING
  • My final words: “Stand tall by knowing yourself, understanding your strengths and weaknesses, understanding your child, and understanding the relationship you want to have.”


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