Are you as tired of the phrase “self-care” as I am lately? It seems that this is the trendy new way to sell us stuff-calling it self-care.  What makes me most angry about it though is that as a concept, self-care and a self-care routine is actually important, way more so than a regular manicure and as women, I fear we’re not taking it seriously enough.

A little story…
As you’re reading this I will have just had a surgical procedure that I hope will be the solution to multiple health issues I’ve been fighting for years. (The state of women’s healthcare in this country is a whole other soapbox I will not get on today for fear that you all would run for the hills at the intensity of my frustration and anger.;) )

The preparation for this surgery was like planning a family vacation to a far flung country times 100. I found myself frantically writing lists for how to care for the house, my kids, my clients at my job, on and on, without once stopping to see what I needed to be prepared. I was so anxious about taking care of everyone else during the recovery period that I nearly forgot to take care of myself-the surgical patient.

About 72 hours before surgery my body shut down. I was so tired I couldn’t stay awake for long and my energy levels were just enough for napping through Stranger Things on Netflix. I finally figured out I should probably rest a bit before putting myself through something that would require energy to heal. 

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar? We are so busy caring about everything else, jobs, kids, homes, neighbors, pets, that we forget to care about ourselves. Sometimes we forget for so long that it takes our bodies screaming for attention to get us to slow down and tune in at all. And as we all learn eventually, a lady who doesn’t take care of herself first ends up not being good for anyone, mostly herself.

So, promise me this: as I live through the lesson that it is ok to rest and even more ok to ask for help, you will try to do the same. You don’t have to completely shut down, but will you tune in and see what you need to feel better and then will you ask for it? Please. You don’t have to call it self-care. Just, please, take care of yourself. It’s the best thing you can do for everyone.

Do you prefer to take this information in via video?  Your wish is my command.

If you’re struggling to stick with a self-care routine and suspect that there are some mental or emotional blocks in the way, I’d love to chat about how I can help support you in uncovering and healing these issues.  You can reach out to me for a complimentary 15 minute consultation here.  And you can check out my programs here.