S.A.D. More than just rainy day blues

Seasonal Affective Disorder gets to many of us at this time of year, making daily life feel like we’re walking through mud.

Throw in a global pandemic and this season has been even harder for many. Today Cristie is here to talk about what SAD is and what you can still do to help yourself even in the chaos of this year.

To find a local mental health practitioner, you can search by state at



Light therapy box on Amazon

Daily Vitality Vitamins (includes Omegas) Full disclosure, a big part of the reason I use these is because they’re easy. All in one sachets. You can buy the Omegas separately as well. Also, I am a DoTerra member so if you buy from this link I make some cents on the sale.

Vitamin D3 from New Chapter: I am told that because these are fermented, they absorb better than other vitamins. I need all the help I can get so I use them! Check with your doctor for the correct amount to take.

For more information on foods that heal, these are some of my favorite sources

Robyn Youkilis’s book Thin from Within is a great place to start¬†

Kris Carr has been my healthy food hero for YEARS

Anything by Leslie Korn addresses food and mental health in an accessible way.

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