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Today, we continue our discussion on burnout by diving into a question I often ask my clients, friends, and sometimes even myself when facing the issue currently referred to in the media as mom burnout.

The question is, what if you didn’t…?

Questioning the Norms and Expectations: What If You Didn’t?

I often question the everyday tasks and obligations we take for granted. In my personal life and client sessions, I have been exploring the idea of what if we didn’t…? Fill in the blanks with societal expectations. Whether mundane chores like laundry or monumental responsibilities like hosting holiday gatherings, this line of questioning challenges us to reconsider our actions and their consequences.

Exploring the Concept of Burnout

Burnout is an issue many of us face, yet it often gets misunderstood because it is not just about exhaustion. Burnout is a combination of physical and mental fatigue that can resemble depression. It can manifest in various areas of life, from work to parenting. Transition periods, like holidays or changes in routines, often exacerbate burnout. You must understand that burnout is not solely your responsibility.

Mom Burnout

We often feel overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood, and seeking support is essential. The concept of mom burnout highlights the challenges of mothers who juggle numerous responsibilities without support. The pressure to be a perfect parent can exacerbate feelings of burnout, so we have to debunk the notion that burnout makes us a bad mom.

Reevaluating Expectations and Setting Boundaries

To address burnout, we must reassess our expectations and set boundaries accordingly. By asking questions like What happens if I fail to do this and who decided I needed to do this anyway, we can gain some insight into where our problem began. Communicating our boundaries with others allows for collaborative solutions, helping us balance our responsibilities and well-being, alleviating stress, and preventing burnout.

Reflecting on Burnout Recovery

In our previous discussion on burnout and healing, we looked into seeking help, setting boundaries, and rejuvenating ourselves. Now, we must take the next step by asking critical questions, like what if I did not engage in these tasks? Who expects me to fulfill these responsibilities, and how can I establish boundaries within this new reality? These inquiries will aid your healing from burnout and prevent you from falling back into the cycle of exhaustion.

Breaking the Cycle of Burnout

Burnout often occurs when our work demands outweigh the support available to us. Questioning your roles and obligations and considering alternative approaches will allow you to avoid recurring burnout episodes. While you cannot control everything, examining the aspects within your sphere of influence will empower you to mitigate the risk of burnout.

Me Time 

Surviving the Election Season with My Podcast Recommendations

With all the craziness surrounding the upcoming presidential election and ongoing global issues, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by politics. But there is no need to worry. I have some podcast recommendations to help you stay informed without stressing you out.

The Daily and Up First

If you want a quick rundown of the daily top stories without getting bogged down in details, check out The Daily by The New York Times and Up First by NPR. These podcasts give you a bite-sized recap in the morning, usually around 10 to 20 minutes long. I started listening to them during lockdown to ease my anxiety, and they did the trick without overwhelming me.

Pod Save America

If you want to dive into politics on a deeper level, Pod Save America is the way to go. Hosted by former political staffers, it offers in-depth discussions and insights into current events. You will get a well-rounded perspective on what is happening in the political world as they bring on guests like state governors and political figures to give you even more context.

So, whether you want to stay updated or understand politics on a deeper level, these podcasts have you covered.

Remember to take care of yourself during this hectic period.

Until next time.

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