Every Mother I have ever worked with has asked themselves this question at least once – Am I a Bad Mom?

My name is Dr. Cristie Ritz-King. I am a trauma therapist and maternal mental health specialist. More importantly, I am a mother of three nearly grown adults, with one teenager and a couple of adults still under my roof.

While I have tons of certifications and degrees, I believe that it is my real-life experience of being a mom and spending the last two decades connecting closely with other moms that have deepened my insight, added to my knowledge, and fired my passion for the exciting new journey that lies ahead!

The Inception of Am I a Bad Mom?

I started this podcast before the pandemic in 2020 with a clear purpose in mind- to shed light on the conversations we hesitate to have, our unspoken feelings, and the questions we are too afraid to ask. It was all about fostering open and honest dialogues, addressing challenging topics, and encouraging discussions within families and relationships.

The Transition to Ask Your Mother

Over time, the podcast evolved into Ask Your Mother, which retained the same mission of addressing unspoken questions but extended its reach to offer guidance to adults who lacked mentor figures in their lives. It became a resource for those navigating different stages of their parenting journey, offering insights and support.

The Goal of the Am I a Bad Mom?

The primary goal of Am I a Bad Mom is to provide a supportive resource for parents and offer a place where we can delve into topics we might otherwise not speak about anywhere else. This podcast aims to help parents understand they are not bad parents and should not feel bad about having those thoughts, feelings, and questions. It is about normalizing behaviors and explaining why they happen so parents can become more confident and feel less anxious about making decisions.

Prioritizing Parental Mental Health

My commitment to parents, both mothers and fathers, stems from my belief that nurturing the parent-child relationship is crucial for the well-being of children. This podcast is not just about maternal mental health but also about embracing the broader aspects of parental mental health. It encompasses all types of parenting relationships, including those in heterosexual and homosexual partnerships. The objective is to prioritize this relationship to benefit the kids.

Your Role in the Podcast

I encourage listeners to leave reviews, subscribe, and share the podcast. I am eager to address all your questions and concerns, so if you have any parenting or adulting inquiries, please email me at critzking@wonderincwellness.com.

Helping you feel better about yourself and your parenting journey is my primary aim, and I am thrilled to have you on board!

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