Hey mamas, let’s talk about something real: mom guilt. We all know the feeling – that gnawing sense that we’re not doing enough, that we’re somehow failing our kids. But what if I told you that sometimes, what feels like guilt is actually grief?

It hit me when I compared myself to a friend who seemed to have motherhood all figured out. Here I was drowning in guilt, while she radiated confidence. But then it dawned on me – maybe she wasn’t guilt-free, maybe she was just grieving a different loss.

Fast forward to my own experience with “empty nest.” The expectation was to feel relieved, maybe even excited. Instead, I felt a wave of sadness I couldn’t explain. Was this guilt for not cherishing every moment? No, it was grief for the loss of a chapter, for the little ones who needed me constantly.

Here’s the thing: as our kids grow and change, so do our roles as moms. It’s natural to feel a pang of sadness as we let go of certain expectations. That sadness can easily morph into guilt, making us feel like bad moms for missing the “good old days.”

But here’s the secret: feeling sad about your kids growing up doesn’t make you a bad mom. It makes you human! It means you loved them fiercely through every stage.

So let’s reframe this guilt. Let’s acknowledge the grief for the loss of a certain stage, a certain expectation. It’s okay to feel a little lost as your role evolves. But remember, you’re still an amazing mom, navigating a beautiful and ever-changing journey.

And here’s the best part? You’re not alone in this. Let’s support each other, celebrate each other’s wins, and give ourselves a big pat on the back for being the incredible moms we are! We may not be “supermoms,” but we’re strong, loving, and constantly adapting – and that’s pretty darn awesome.