Hey mamas, Dr. Cristie here!

Let’s talk about that feeling you know all too well – mom burnout. Recently, a conversation on a podcast got me fired up. We were discussing mom burnout, and the frustration with the whole situation just boiled over. Why are we expected to magically heal from something rooted in a lack of systemic change?

The pandemic threw us all into a pressure cooker. Work-from-home chaos, constant childcare juggling, the ever-present worry – it’s a recipe for exhaustion. But guess what? Things are back to a “new normal,” and yet, the support hasn’t materialized. We’re still struggling, just with a different label on the struggle.

In my research on healing and burnout, I came across a concept that resonated deeply: protective factors. These are things that buffer the negative effects of stress. And one of the biggest ones? Connectedness.

Having a community of moms who “get it,” a safe space to vent and share – that makes a world of difference. So, let’s build those communities. Join a support group, connect online with other moms, or just grab coffee with a friend.

Speaking of building resilience, let’s rekindle curiosity! I know we’re all stretched thin, but what if we could tap back into that spark, for ourselves and our kids? It doesn’t have to be a grand expedition. Finding something new to explore together, a simple activity that ignites that little flame of wonder – that’s powerful.

Now, listen up: while these are fantastic strategies, it shouldn’t fall solely on our shoulders. We deserve better infrastructure, a societal shift that acknowledges the challenges we face. But until then, let’s focus on what we can control.

Here’s my challenge to you, mamas:

  • Seek out your momma tribe! Build a network of supportive women who understand. Find a shoulder to cry on, or a high-five for surviving another day.
  • Embrace curiosity. Go on a nature walk with your kids, pick up a new hobby together, or just bombard each other with silly questions. Let’s cultivate that sense of wonder, for ourselves and for them.
  • Validate your feelings. Burnout isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a normal reaction to extraordinary circumstances. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s just a “mom issue.” Acknowledge those feelings, and then let them go (easier said than done, I know!).
  • Give yourself grace. We’re all doing the best we can with the cards we’re dealt. Some days will be sunshine and rainbows, others will be meltdowns and microwave dinners. That’s okay. Be kind to yourself.

Remember, mamas, we’re in this together. Let’s support each other, find our spark, and keep fighting for the change we deserve.

Now, go forth and conquer (or at least get through nap time with minimal meltdowns)!