We are living in the time of the productivity trap. We constantly question ourselves and how much we are DOING, which leads to feelings of guilt. If you are caught in the productivity trap and wondering if you are doing enough, join me for this episode.

Show Highlights:

  • How I’ve noticed more and more people feeling unsettled, frustrated, and overwhelmingly sad in 2022
  • Why we are in the “perfect storm” of year #3 of the pandemic with constantly changing goals and jobs
  • Why we feel guilty when we have extra time and say, “I must not be doing enough!”
  • How the crisis of the pandemic has become a long-term trauma, and we don’t know where to go next
  • Why we tend to grasp at what we CAN control, which is usually some sort of productivity
  • Why my message is, “You ARE doing enough.”
  • Why our new goals should be to tune into ourselves, find out what feels good, and figure out how to add more of that to our lives
  • Why we have to adjust and move forward with a “new normal” that is sustainable—because things aren’t going back to the way they were in 2020
  • My personal story of my birthday plans with my girlfriends–and how things changed to help me figure out what I needed
  • Why you have to figure out what to eliminate by finding more of what makes you happy
  • My advice: “Take a step back and look at all that you do. Tune into yourself and figure out how to add more of what makes you feel good. Find out what you need to eliminate, even if it’s guilt and high expectations.”


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