This seems to be a great time of year to discuss boundaries, as they are likely challenging most of us at this point. I know personally, this season, no matter what you celebrate – this season from Halloween to New Year is challenging to say the least for boundaries. 

Last year, we didn’t really have a lot of choices, and so it made boundaries, maybe a little bit easier to enact because we didn’t have any options. 

But this year, we’re not only tasked with figuring out how to celebrate the season, but also what we feel comfortable with from a health perspective.

So let’s just start with the very basics, which is, what am I talking about when I say boundaries?

What boundaries are are the limits we set to protect ourselves. The lines we draw to protect ourselves are really to protect our comfort with our own behavior and with the behavior of others. 

What we’re going to talk about today is emotional and physical boundaries. So things that are going to protect our emotions, and protect our physical well being.

There are many things to consider when setting emotional and physical boundaries.

Show Highlights:

  • No matter what, someone will be disappointed when you set boundaries.
  • Not setting good boundaries can make you physically sick.
  • It’s important to model good boundaries around the holidays for your children.
  • It’s uncomfortable to set boundaries in many situations.
  • Be prepared to be disappointed in the boundaries your own children set as they have their own families.
  • Know thyself and know your end game.
  • There is going to be some discomfort when you set boundaries.
  • At times during the holidays, you will have to choose yourself.
  • Remember that “no” is a full sentence, and sometimes all you owe to someone is a “no”.


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